…Compuware Introduces Topaz on AWS…

If you asked me three years ago what I thought of , I would have described it as “a point product company in managed decline.” At the time, was bifurcated between mainframe point solutions and . Sales had softened; it was slow to release new products; and its portfolio was “stagnant.” In short, the company was struggling.

But, in late 2014, everything changed for Compuware with a cash investment infusion; the hiring of a new, more focused management team; major changes in company culture (including a stronger emphasis on innovation); and the introduction of a new strategy with a strong focus on or , ; and . Accordingly, I wrote a report at the end of 2015 that described the new Compuware.

Nearly two years later, I see Compuware as a company focused on making it easy for customers to consume its product offerings – while at the same time being optimized to create new products and services. Its two most recent announcements include expanded on () solutions support for .

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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