Dell EMC – Guaranteed to Please?

Dell EMC made a broad swathe of announcements pertaining to its systems this week.

Aside from the product news (and there’s certainly some important technological advances/catch-ups in the announcement*) there’s notable news on the commercial front, with Dell EMC launching its full blown “.” It is a mix of , , and – and I think one would have to say that objectively it’s pretty darned good. Certainly, having such assurances from a market leader like Dell EMC will be especially welcome for its myriad users (and channel partners too, I would imagine).

But the story is broader than that; time was (OK a fair time back!) that the storage business was essentially buyer beware….you really could end up with some dire stuff decades back. And as we come closer to today, you still just bought the product and hoped it did everything you expected (and that the data sheet and sales team had promised). As storage systems got not only generally better but also more complex, gradually a few vendors (invariably the smaller ones that wanted to get noticed, snub their noses at the big dogs, and of course grow their business) started to offer guarantees of some sort. Early on, these focused on effective capacity, but have gradually expanded to cover everything from performance to, essentially, ongoing – almost rental-like – rolling purchase and deployment options.

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