IBM Charts Multi-Cloud Progress

Though the tech industry is subject to consistent and considerable disruption it’s hard to think of a more fundamentally disruptive technology than .

Why do I say that? For three reasons:

  1. First, because the success of early cloud movers and shakers (especially AWS), enabled businesses and consumers to effectively sidestep IT powers that be, including system and software vendors.
  2. In addition, cloud takes advantage of compute infrastructures developed, implemented and managed by companies that mainly do business with ODM manufacturers, putting further pressure on traditional enterprise vendors.
  3. Finally, by essentially outsourcing IT functions to cloud service providers (CSPs), organizations also cut back engagements with IT services professionals and organizations.

Despite those and other challenges, it isn’t impossible for mainstream vendors to succeed with cloud initiatives. In fact, moved forcefully into cloud computing with numerous, continuing strategic investments and initiatives. It also made cloud one of its five Strategic Imperatives (along with analytics, mobile, social and security), and announced in its most recent earnings call that drove $15.8B in company revenues over the last 12 months.

On November 1-2, the company hosted media and analyst events in New York City to detail its cloud-related efforts and progress. Following are a few thoughts on what I saw and heard there.

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