No More Dealing with Infrastructure…

The most exciting announcement during for computing foundation was . There were a slew of new announcements and I don’t want to de-emphasize the other ones too much, but this one was the most interesting to me.

First, a bit of background. There’s lot of confusion on , , and functions. Here are the differences:

The key thing is that the VMs allow a server to run as one big piece (OS + whatever apps are installed), containers allow applications (which includes providing microservices, but no OS, but the underlying system beneath the container layer provides the Linux interface) to run, and serverless is a place to run code (or functions). Each stage enables slicing a workload into smaller pieces.

Fargate is a system that enables you to run deploy your containers on AWS, and do so in a way that’s just as easy as getting VMs from EC2. This allows developers to ignore the setting up of infrastructure.

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