No One Wants Your Stuff!

OK – This title doesn’t refer to all the great, productive, and innovative products that the IT industry churns out with amazing regularity, and it doesn’t mean that the cloud will make technology products obsolete. It’s just that we have found that customers are a lot less concerned today with ‘what’ it runs on than ‘if and how’ it runs… and by ‘it’ I mean the complex infrastructure and solutions that deliver the business outcomes critical to their companies.

IT Vendors hate it when we tell them this because they love their products. They’ve invested a tremendous amount in them. They are hugely proud of their innovations and ‘best-of’ awards. But we all know that the IT decision maker buying persona is changing. The influence of line-of-business buyers and new pathways to IT digital transformation have combined to alter sales motions, the decision making process, and ultimately long-term technology consumption and value.

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