Think 2018 – IBM’s Power9 System…

I’m at IBM’s huge Think event this week and, holy crap, there are a lot of IT folks here. It continues to amaze me how much IBM has changed over the years and yet remained the same. The changes are tied to platforms that are designed to be deployed in the cloud using open platforms, and the things that have remained the same is an almost rabid focus on the needs of its customers. How this last is demonstrated is an unmatched ability to get big recognized customers on stage behind their global brands to advocate for IBM. These events are often very similar to a religious experience given the level and quality of customer testimony. One of the more interesting events was the event.

What makes this interesting is Power started out along with a number of other architectures competing with X86 and Intel but while the vast majority of other alternatives failed, IBM saved Power by doing something un-IBM like. They opened it up and Open Power has been successful thanks to that. Interestingly, Oracle, this week who copied IBM’s old lock in strategy missed their financial expectations while IBM has been doing impressively well. This goes back to IBM’s core culture professed by its most iconic CEO Thomas Watson Jr. who passed down to his successors one preeminent rule, “be willing to change anything but what you are”. IBM remains focused on meeting customer needs but everything else has largely changed and Power9 is representative of that change.

Let’s talk about some of those changes.

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