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When it comes to digital security, the past year or so has delivered multiple lessons with a single conclusion: that whatever people, including individual consumers to business organizations to the IT vendors who serve them, have done or are doing regarding IT security, it isn’t enough.

Taken in total, the situation may appear hopeless, but it sets the scene for the new and that announced this week at the .

The problem(s) with security

The problems dominating security are two-fold. First, computing endpoints, systems and networks have become so complex that the industry’s decades-long approach of building/promoting numerous individual specialty solutions is at the breaking point in terms of working properly and meeting clients’ needs.

Customers themselves bear at least part of the blame for these failures. Not only are most unwilling to learn or do what’s necessary to secure their devices against cybercriminals and exploits, but they also expect those products to work without any impact on performance and functionality. That can be a fatal combination, at least when it comes to protecting identity, financial and other assets.

The other problem is that the cyberthreat landscape is growing exponentially. The situation is no longer limited to the prototypical evil hackers long-beloved by the mainstream media and entertainment industries. End users also need to worry about having valuable digital information “mined” or otherwise ripped-off by a variety of well-organized and financed cybercriminals and gangs, state-sponsored espionage rings and corporate thieves.

And let’s not forget supposedly trustworthy organizations, like social media players that sell their users’ data with little care or oversight until they get caught. Facebook is currently sweating the spotlight, but it’s not like the company is any kind of “lone gunman” in this regard. Plus, there are bumblers like Equifax and other massive credit and finance companies whose efforts to secure consumer data are, to put it mildly, as deeply careless as they are dumbly clueless.

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