Dell’s latest baby – DTW # 1 – is huge (Video)

We just welcomed Dell’s latest arrival – the inaugural Dell Technologies World event. For a “new born” it was pretty large and mature! Of course that’s because it was a rebranding of/from conferences-past, but it also did represent something new inasmuch as the collaboration and alignment across Dell’s constituent parts are what end-users want to see….as well as being where added end-user value, as well as market and marketing upside, for Dell resides.

Trying to synthesize down some key takeaways is something that we at always do at these events – and the scale and breadth of these ecosystem events can make that challenging. So this year, we decided to split our “On Location” video report into two – the first (in this blog) covers some of the key technologies and product announcements from Las Vegas in just 8 minutes or so. The second video summary will follow in a day or so and will be more focused on corporate and market execution thoughts. We hope you’ll watch both of course!

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