Is Dell Right? Was The MacBook Air Stupid?

Steve Jobs was a natural manipulator, so much so that folks often referred to him as having his own Reality Distortion Field. This allowed him to say often even contradict himself and get away with it. For instance he once said that video on an iPod was stupid and that no one would ever adapt a tablet because it lacked a keyboard (there is a list of his 6 most impressive false statements here).

One effort that really screwed up the PC market for a while was his forced march to the ultimate thin Notebook Computer the . It was a lust worthy device, but the tradeoffs were painful, so much so that Lenovo made fun of it in this video.

Why The MacBook Air Sort Of Sucked

Now I’m sure a lot of folks legitimately liked the MacBook Air, but I’ve known several that quickly learned they couldn’t live with it. It was simply the wrong product for them and yet they were convinced by some impressive marketing that it was a “Magical” product only to find it was instead a bad buy.

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