Pure Accelerate: The Future is Now

As we have watched the industry evolve over the past several years, vendors tend to follow one of two different approaches. The first approach is often one that tries to time the market and figure out when to make the transition. This approach tends to involve tiers of infrastructure, where more emergent technologies are more expensive and targeted at higher value workloads, while the established technologies are delivered to the masses. As time goes on, technology vendors figure out how to balance the transition. And we in the industry debate things like the cost benefit tradeoffs of the different options.

Pure Storage seems to be taking a second approach to flash. Instead of focusing on how to balance different offerings and time the market transition, Pure emphasizes accelerating the delivery of new innovations in flash. Pure’s approach pushes the envelope, pushing new flash innovations out quickly while extending its flash technology into an ever-broader set of customers and workloads. One example of this approach was Pure’s launch of FlashBlade, all-flash storage for both file and object data, a couple years ago, back when many in the industry doubted that flash could ever be effective for large capacity unstructured data stores.

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