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The interactions of computing software and hardware have long provided one of the best examples of truly synergistic relationships. Without hardware, software code is a mass of commands to which nothing listens. Without software, computers (especially enterprise systems) are little more than expensive, ungainly doorstops. However, working together they can make magic greater than the sum of their parts.

Despite those interdependencies, public attention has long focused more on hardware than software. That may be because it’s simpler to get your head around physical objects than the abstract code that gives them life—easier to grasp and understand the machine than its soul. Whatever the case, the practice is unfair.

However, that situation has been changing for the better as the critical importance of enterprise developer and operations professionals comes into ever sharper focus. Developers, after all, have instigated and helped to drive the success of numerous new technologies and behaviors, including public cloud computing. They’ve also been the core audience and interpreters of data- and data center-centric solutions inspiring new business growth and market opportunities.

At the same time, enterprise operations personnel have never had a higher profile. As enterprises increasingly demand more efficiency and value from compute resources, IT admins and managers are the frontline troops responsible for achieving those requirements and delivering positive results.

So, it made complete sense for IBM to host an analyst forum, IBM Z: Software for Digital Business Transformation, at its headquarters in Durham, NC. Along with highlighting the work and insights of its Z mainframe software teams, the event examined how those groups are interacting with developers and operations professionals to deliver strategic value to their enterprise employers.

The event was also unique—in the dozens of IBM mainframe events that I’ve attended over the years, software has always been a supporting player, never the star. So, the meeting in Durham also qualified as IBM Z software’s first turn in the spotlight.

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