IBM Watson Sparks Agricultural Innovation

It’s no surprise that inspires reams of press releases and media coverage these days. The fact is that a confluence of IT trends and achievements have made AI more achievable and affordable than ever before.

At the same time, it’s wise to remember that companies’ announcements typically mirror their specific, if sometimes limited, talents and skills. So, in the case of AI, silicon vendors might focus on the importance of their products in machine learning performance. Or AI software vendors may tout the value their frameworks, algorithms and models bring to the AI table.

That’s all to the good since artificial intelligence is a very large pool with space for lots of talent. But keenly focusing on myriad, smaller elements often makes the AI market resemble the proverb of the blind men and the elephant. Do any vendors see, understand and effectively build out the bigger picture of AI? Absolutely, including IBM.

Broadly speaking, the company’s work in AI  goes back decades. But those efforts cover numerous of focus areas and specific vertical use cases. For example, IBM recently announced new Watson AI toolsets pretrained for nine industries and professions, including the Watson Decision Platform for Smarter Farms. Let’s look at that solution and consider how IBM’s work in global reflects its AI strategy and tactical plans.

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