IBM + Red Hat: On The Path Of Change

Today’s announcement that was going to acquire for $34B amazes me because it showcases how much change a company can achieve. Back when I worked at , it was a very rigid, hardware focused company that resisted change like a 4-year-old resists eating his or her vegetables. Back then we used to bet how long a new external hire would survive in the firm with the most generally lasting in the 9-12-month range.

Today’s IBM is dramatically different, led by one of the most successful woman CEOs in the technology segment. The firm has solidly pivoted away from hardware as its primary focus to software and services, particularly cloud services.

I was at IBM for 10 years where it struggled to change and was unsuccessful. In a fraction of that time under IBM has become a dramatically different firm. A clear indicator of that change is the acquisition of Red Hat.

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