The Differences Between Cosmetic Surgery And Plastic Surgery

The Differences Between Cosmetic Surgery And Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are just some of hundreds of terminologies that have always been interchanged in terms of meaning by a lot of people. As such, if you thought cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery as exactly the same, you are wrong. These two are strongly different from each other in terms of definition, methods, and goals. Thus, to enlighten you with their differences, this article will go through the definition and facts on how cosmetic and plastic surgery differ from one another.

Cosmetic Surgery

The main fact that sets cosmetic surgery from plastic surgery is that cosmetic focuses more on the enhancement of appearance. This includes proportion, improving symmetry, and aesthetic appeal. Cosmetic surgery can be done on different areas of the neck, body and face. In terms of training, cosmetic surgery training is obtained distinctively from the training of plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery only follows the certification and training for a board certified cosmetic surgeon. 150 cosmetic surgery procedures required sitting for certification exam.

Plastic Surgery

On the other hand, plastic surgery differs itself from cosmetic surgery in a way that it is defined as a surgical specialty which aims to reconstruct a facial or body defects due to birth disorder, disease, burns or trauma. Thus, the main goal of plastic surgery is to reconstruct a dysfunctional body parts. Some examples of plastic surgery include congenital defect repair, cleft palate, lower extremity reconstruction, scar revision surgery, hand surgery, burn repair surgery and breast reconstruction. Lastly, training for plastic surgery is obtained through a post-graduate residency program.

These are just some of the basic differences between cosmetic and plastic surgery. For more information about these clinical services such as the process, best surgeons etc., visit PlasticSpot to look for any important details.

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