The Best Hovercraft for Tech-Savvy Teenagers

The Best Hovercraft for Tech-Savvy Teenagers

Wondering what to get your tech-oriented teenage the right gift for birthday or summer break? Here’s what we advise, an advanced high-tech hoverboard to keep them outdoors rather than being shut inside the house. But, if you are not sure which hoverboard to get, here’s a source to help you out decide which one would be the best option for your kid.


Sharper Image UL Certified Hoverboard

What sets Sharper Image Hoverboard apart from others in the league is the satisfaction it provides the parents while they get it for their kids. This hoverboard makes it safe for use by kids as it passes the electricity and fire safety tests and thus adds to the fun. Another reason why Sharper Image hoverboards are particularly preferred for kids is because it is beginner friendly. For beginners, it is required to press the power button twice and the hoverboard takes slower turns and helps maintain balance.

However, a drawback that this hoverboard features is the limitation of a driving distance of 14.9 miles and the inability to withstand weight that surpasses 220 pounds.

NHT Hoverboard

Now this is one hoverboard that takes off-road riding to an entirely different level. Featuring 8.5 inch off-road tires, the NHT Hoverboard is made for all terrain and has an pre-existing bluetooth speaker that doubles the fun. Not only NHT hoverboard reduces maximum chances of overheating and associated hazards but it also utilized lithium battery which are environmental friendly. It’s like having ultimate fun without putting zero burden on the environment.

NHT hoverboards are however, limited to individuals weighing 40 pounds and to adults and older-kids because of its unsuitability for kids.

AlienBoard Certified Hoverboard Batwings

This hoverboard needs nothing more than the design it features for people to buy it immediately. The amazing design and the funky LED lights makes the hoverboard attractive at the first sight. The lights also increase the visibility during darker times and when it’s foggy outside and the efficient sensor boards helps in preventing vibrations at higher speeds. However, this hoverboard is slightly on the costly side and itself has weight of 24 pounds and therefore a little difficult to carry.

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