How can cardiovascular exercise be beneficial in weight loss?

How can cardiovascular exercise be beneficial in weight loss?

If you are someone who has been trying hard to lose weight then you ought to know the struggle. You will have to be very careful with your diet as well as your exercise. These days many people prefer doing most of their activities online. Like the shop, pay their bills and also play poker online. Well, with all this, it becomes very difficult to move out of home and focus on exercise. But the fact is that you require some cardiovascular exercise and this will help in weight loss.

Why is cardio a key component?

  • Cardio can be done more often rather than strength training: after you have lifted weights, your muscles need some rest which will help them to grow stronger and recover. You can do a cardio routine most of the days in the week without having to stress about getting over-trained.

  • Your intensity can be increased easily which will help in burning your calories: the smallest changes in intensity like running faster, climbing hills or trying to jump higher will cause acceleration in your metabolism.

  • You can burn more calories at a go: the longer you work out and the harder you get yourself trained the more calories you will burn.

What are the best cardio exercises?

You might have always wondered as to which is the best cardio exercise and how much do you require for weight loss. Well, there is no best cardio exercise and it will entirely depend on your body how much exercise it can take. There are different types of activities which include the following.

Impact activities: exercises like walking which will boost your heart rate to become faster.

High impact activities: these are activities that include jumping or running which will help your body burn more calories rather than impact activities.

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